About Us

Why Oscalito?

In contrast to the standardization and depersonalization of the clothing product, Oscalito has been preserving anddefending an authentically Made in Italy supply chain for 80 years, certifiedby Italcheck - Italian identity Index.

The entire production process takes place inthe Turin factory, from the creation of the pattern to the finished product,including weaving, cutting, sewing, and finishing.

Oscalito has also adopted RFID technology which allows the complete traceability of every single garment whenapplied to the label. This technology guarantees widespread control overproduction and shipments.


Oscalito’s mission can be summed up in five essential key points that immediately identify and focus on the direction of the Brand.



Oscalito, an acronym for Osvaldo Casalini Lino Torino, tells the story of a family, a city, and a great passion that began in the early 1930s. The story of a family that, working only with high-quality natural fibers, develops lines of underwear and outerwear dedicated to men and women.

Since 1936, the birth year of the Oscalito Brand, the company has been expanding, developing constantly, and distributing its products in over 40 countries worldwide. 

Since 2014, Dario Casalini, the third generation of the family to sit at the helm, has been leading the brand towards a strong renewal, while maintaining the ethical and sustainability principles that have always characterized Oscalito’s philosophy.


The man is the only living being on our planet who needs to wear a "second skin" to survive within various climatic conditions.

Therefore, the second skin, which is represented by the garments that each of us choosesto wear, must meet several requirements: be fashionable, trendy, and at thesame time, as comfortable and versatile as possible.

Every human being can ensure thermal insulation, moisture control, and breathability andexpels daily through sweat about half a liter of water vapor (Sweat evaporationis the natural system that regulates body temperature). Starting from this point of view, what we wear has a fundamental and primary role in our healthand well-being.

The same happens in what concerns what we decide to eat.

The fibers

Nature itself provides the tools to meet all these needs.

The Natural Fibres, used by Oscalito to create its precious and valuable knitwear, are the answer.

Dedicated to all those who demand to wear garments that embody fashion, extreme quality, respect for the environment, and original Made in Italy products. From the yarn to the finished garment.

In its production, Oscalito uses only natural fibres:

the fibers

Pure Egyptian makò cotton Termotex®

the fibers

Pure scotch yarn

the fibers

Wool and Silk (70% merino wool and 30% silk)

the fibers

Pure merino wool

the fibers

Pure silk

the fibers

Cashmere and silk


“Made in Italy" is much more than a label, at Oscalito we believe it is the promise of a special touch, an answer to the desires of women and men searching for elegance and creativity, who purchase products that respectand enhance their bodies.

For this reason, Oscalito believes and renews the Italian sartorial tradition every day, designing fashionable underwear, a caress for our skin by using only the finest fibres and fabrics, and ensuring the authenticity of its Made in Italy products.