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Book: Vestire Buono, Pulito e Giusto. La rivoluzione della moda sostenibile”


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Author Dario Casalini 

Former Professor of Public Law, now an entrepreneur in the textile sector with the Oscalito and Natyoural brands

To return to a sustainable fashion

As consumers, we must be able to buy a garment that is not only beautiful, healthy and clean but also fair, that is to say, produced with respect for the work of the people who helped to achieve it.
Preface by Carlo Petrini 

(Book in Italian version only)


Good, clean and fair dress is a criticism of the global textile and fashion system that is contributing in a sensitive way, just like the food system, to undermine the balance of the planet and the lives of the billions of people who inhabit it, but it is also a practical guide for a conscious consumer to know how to make good, clean and right choices starting from the wardrobe, inviting him to be wary of garments sold at senseless prices, learning to recognize the added value of the durability of the garments, supporting in the first person the circularity of the system and the well-being of man.

Book "Vestire Buono, Pulito e Giusto " (Italian version only)