Oscalito wins the Best Boutique Award

Oscalito wins the Best Boutique Award

For the tenth consecutive year, at the Salon International de la Lingerie (SIL) in Paris 2023, Oscalito received the award for best lingerie and knitwear company in Italy and France.

Best Boutique Award 2023 of Intima Group

The Intima Group, with years of experience on quality analysis in the textile sector, introduced the BBA, an event dedicated to brands active in the intimate sector and beyond, with the aim of giving concrete recognition to companies that have successfully faced everyday challenges.

The care and research behind the realization of every single garment have led Oscalito to obtain this important recognition, a confirmation and an incentive to continue our mission of realizing garments "good, clean, fair and longlasting" for our customers.

With a history of high quality behind us, we want to continue on this path in the belief that a more sustainable and attentive future to the needs of people and Planet is not only possible but, above all, concretely feasible. 

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