Federmoto e Oscalito

Oscalito clothing for the project “Pata Talenti Azzurri FMI”

The involvement of Oscalito as official supplier of the Maglia Azzurra FMI 2022 goes on throughout the collaboration with Federmoto in the project "Pata Talenti Azzurri FMI". Testing has been launched to develop a new capsule collection specifically dedicated to motorcyclists and tested "on the ground" by young riders.

The project

On June, 25th 2022, during the Emilian round of the Enduro World Championship Italian GP, the sponsorship of Oscalito for the Italian Motorcycle Federation has been officialized. During the event, the World Champions presented the Maglia Azzurra FMI for the 2022 sports season and Oscalito is the Official Supplier. So we started the collaboration with Federmoto and with the world of motorcycling, a collaboration that continues with the design and testing of our clothes in order to develop a new line of dedicated products for motorcyclists, entirely made of natural fiber. 

We have the possibility to involve young drivers of the project "Pata Talenti Azzurri FMI" (an initiative of the Italian Motorcycle Federation to search for and train new young athletes of different specialties), who in the coming months will "test" the clothes of Oscalito.

The variety of specialties we will take in consideration implies the differentiation of the clothing to be made and tested, to better meet the specific needs of each discipline: Enduro, Motocross, Trial, Motorally, Quad, Speedway, Flat Track, Supermoto and Speed. The clothes of Oscalito, moreover, will be tested on various uses: from training in the gym to the actual race, passing through all the stages of training in motorcycles and bikes that athletes have to face. 

The goals

Being able to test our garments "on the ground" represents a great added value for us, which allows us to demonstrate how natural fibers are suitable even in extreme sports sessions. The quality of natural fibers, indeed, guarantees maximum breathability to the skin, an essential factor during the most intense sports performance.

Thanks to the Pata Talenti Azzurri FMI project, we will have the opportunity to test the quality and durability of our garments, collecting feedback directly from end users and their concrete experience. Based on the results obtained we will create a "capsule collection" of the highest quality, to best meet very specific needs related to the world of motorcycling in all its forms.

Oscalito for sport

Every sport requires a suitable and specific set of clothing that can really make a difference for athletes. It’s for these reasons that Oscalito has chosen to enter the sport world and to accept the challenge: to create garments of the highest quality, making the most of the advantages of natural fibers. 

Beautiful, clean, fair, healthy and durable products: this is the mission of Oscalito, which we also want to bring in sport environment. 

And it’s just the beginning...

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